How to Create a Feng Shui Bedroom

One of the major objectives of a Fend Shui bedroom is to create a harmonious environment with a flow of beneficial as well as sensual energy. A bedroom that is designed with Feng Shui characteristics provokes pleasure and fun and is also soothing and creates an environment that will make it easy to take a nap. The Feng Shi bedroom environment you create is very important for the soul and for healing.

People who practice the principles of Feng Shui are nourishing the soul by directing to them the energies available in the Universe including the energies from the Feng Shui elements. There are numerous ideas you can utilize to create a wonderful bedroom environment.

Direction of the Bed

When creating a Feng Shui bedroom a top priority is to be in a position to face the bedroom door from the far side of the bedroom, but make sure you are not directly in front of your bedroom door. The best command position for your bed is the location which is diagonally the farthest distance from the entry way of your bedroom. This position will allow you to take advantage of the flow of energy (Chi) that is in the room while not being too close to the doorway which would put you in a situation to be affected by a Chi that is too strong.

Too Much Chi

Feng Shui bedroom experts recommend that you place your bed in order to have a solid wall behind it. This situation will provide you with a command of the space and allows you to take life head on symbolically as well as literally. Believers of Fend Shui will tell you that you should not sleep in line with the entry way of your bedroom since you will be effected by too much Chi which can cause stress and health problems.

Feng Shui bedroom experts strongly advise that you not keep a computer or a desk for work in your bedroom. The energy from the computer which is work energy is not compatible with a sleeping environment and they are essentially opposite types of energy. Ideally you want your bedroom window to be located to the right of your bed so when you wake in the morning you will be a recipient of the positive energies that are filling the day.

Other useful Fend Shui bedroom tips include keeping fresh air in your bedroom, select colors for your bedroom that are relaxing and soothing and use optimistic art work in your bedroom and nothing that has a sad feel to it.