Using Feng Shui for Child's Self Esteem

Children are the source of esteem and beauty. They are confident and full of spirit and energy. However, continuous interaction with different environmental stimuli may turn them to lose their esteem in time. In Feng Shui, it is believed that an individual's personality is developed by the consistent interaction between three factors - heredity, education and environment. Although heredity and education are relatively stable factors, environment has dynamic properties. Environmental elements have the capacity to influence the psyche, health, fortune and other aspects of an individual.

Feng Shui Solution

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese study which regulates the natural energy. In Feng Shui, it is believed that all negative incidences occur as a result of discord in the nature or environment. So Feng Shui offers the guideline to organize the natural energy in order to acquire harmony in the environment. When a child's environment is not well setup that the positive energy Chi can flow away successfully, it may result in developing many negative impacts in a child's life and environment. Low self esteem may result due to this reason.

However, people can implement Feng Shui techniques for increasing child's self esteem by altering the flow of Chi or natural energy.

Arrangement of Bed Position

Low self esteem in a child may occur due to poor performance in school. On the other hand, low self esteem may also cause a drop in academic performance. That means it can affect your child's life in a vicious cycle. Allow Feng Shui energy for shaping child's self esteem by simply changing the position of the bed in the room. You must make the bed position in the Wisdom direction so that the child can make better performance in the school. However, sleeping in the negative direction may result in all negative activities in a child including low self esteem, depression, frustration, anxiety, aggression, etc.

Use Positive Symbol in Child's Room

Every child loves to be loved. They feel really happy when they receive support from others. If you place happy family photo on the wall of your child's room, it will make them feel happy. Feeling happy also shapes up self esteem. When you particularly focus on using Feng Shui techniques for increasing child's self esteem, you may care to place an award on the wall. This may also help in raising the child's self esteem.

De-clutter to Restore Energy

Natural energy flows within room, however, when the clutters come its way, the energy gets 'stuck'. A simple Feng Shui technique for child's self esteem is to de-clutter the room so that the energy can flow freely. If the energy can not flow freely, it may result in procrastination, lack of willingness, low self esteem, depression, anxiety and lack of motivation. Clutter symbolizes hardship to reach the goal.

Although you may implement different Feng Shui techniques for raising your child's self esteem, it is necessary for you to check whether the child is getting enough positive response from your end. In order to build or shape up a child's self esteem, it is necessary for the child to feel connected to their close ones. You must help your child so that he becomes able to think and feel good about own abilities and qualities. Make your child feel that despite of anything else, he is really special to you.