Mirrors in Feng Shui -Use Them Properly

Mirrors in Feng Shui can have positive effects on your life if used properly but be careful because if you use them in an improper fashion they can cause problems for you. Placing mirrors in your home will bring the energy of water to you. Mirrors in Fend Shui are also utilized to make rooms in your home seem larger than they actually are and they can significantly change the flow of Chi or energy in your home.

Followers of Feng Shui believe that mirrors can provide a sense of calm to your home. Mirrors can be utilized to amplify the existing light in a room which will reduce the chance of Chi becoming stagnant. The movement of Chi in your house is important for balance and harmony.

Full Length Mirrors

Mirrors in Feng Shui are considered to have a prominent effect on the well being of people. Experts suggest you give careful consideration when choosing mirrors as well as their placement. You might not want to select small mirrors for your home since in Feng Shui they create distortion. A full length mirror is the proper selection since you can see you whole body in the mirror. You want to get a sense of a true reflection of yourself and a full length mirror can provide that for you.

Avoid placing two mirrors opposite of each other since this can be discombobulating. When learning about mirrors in Feng Shui you discover you should avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom especially if they are positioned to reflect upon people in the bed since this can cause infidelity. The positive flow of Chi can be interrupted by mirrors in stairways and make sure you don't place a mirror on your work desk since this will intensify the workload. If possible try to situate mirrors so they reflect symbols of good fortune.

Mirrors and Water

If you live near water, place them to reflect the images of rivers, lakes as well as the ocean into your home in order to take in the benefits of water such as prosperity and good fortune. If there are things out in nature such as trees and flowers that you enjoy place a mirror in the proper location so that these images are reflected into your home. When learning about mirrors in Feng Shui you discover that convex mirrors bring protection to people. The ideal positions for mirrors in the house include the east, symbolic of health and family, the southeast symbolic of wealth and the north which symbolizes your career and the path for your life.