Decorating and Feng Shui -Some Tips

When decorating the interior of your home in a Feng Shui design, Chi or energy is a very important consideration. You want the Chi in the house to be balanced and free flowing yet you don't want it to move too fast and exit through an open door or window.

Chi also comes into your house through windows and doors and when it arrives you don't want it to become stuck or hindered and it is preferred that the energy does not become overly concentrated. Followers of Feng Shui can offer specific decorating tips for the various rooms in your home.

Living Room Decorating and Feng Shui

Feng Shui and decorating go hand in hand in your home. The experts recommend that you arrange the furniture in a casual yet thoughtful way in order to allow the Chi to meander about the room which will provide benefits to you and your family. Ideally the room should not be crowded with furniture or decorative items and don't allow the room to become messy either. Purchase chairs with high, straight shaped backs which symbolize the support you desire to provide to your family.

Place photographs of family members on the east wall of the family room to enhance their health. It is considered to bring good luck if the stereo is placed on the west wall of the room. Televisions can produce negative Chi due to their electrical field and so it is wise to hide the television behind the doors of an entertainment center while it is not in use.

Bedroom Decorating and Feng Shui

Situate you bed diagonally as far away as you can from the door which will place you in an excellent position to take in the life force energy as it flows into your bedroom. Don't sleep with your head next to a window and don't situate your bed so your head or your feet are facing the door. Some Feng Shui experts believe that a mirror in you bedroom can cause infidelity and perhaps bring you bad luck.

Plants - Decorating with Feng Shui

Plants are very useful for covering up beams and protruding corners which can produce negative energy. Plants are also symbolic of the element wood and so thoughtfully arrange some plants in your home since plants are symbolic of wealth and family. You can strategically place mirrors in your home to enhance the light in your rooms which will increase the amount of positive opportunities that come your way.

Colors should be carefully selected in order to instill balance in your home. Red is associated with good luck and yellow and purple are considered auspicious colors. Green provides growth and peace. Items made of crystal are excellent decorations for a home since they attract good Chi. If you want to enhance your career you might want to place a fish tank in the north portion of you living room since careers are influenced by water. Feng Shui and decorating are natural partners and this partnership are believed to bring harmony to your home.