The Significance of Some Feng Shui Products

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that has withstood time and is still widely practiced up to this very day. The practice of feng shui is centered on making an area which an individual occupies or inhabits into an area with good chi. Chi is defined as the flow of energy that should not be obstructed. There are many different feng shui products that are for sale to help maximize the flow of chi in any environment. There are also rules and beliefs surrounding these feng shui products so it is best to know more about them before you go out and buy any.
Bamboo Wind Chimes
Among the many feng shui products available, the bamboo wind chimes are among the most charming. This is because they create the beautiful sounds as the wind caresses them lightly. The bamboo sound of the chimes differs from the metallic sounds of metal chimes. Bamboo offers a more solid sound that is deeper and serene. Wind chimes are used to reroute sha energy, pretty much deflecting the entrance of negative energy in a window or a door. These feng shui products can ensure better sleep for someone whose bed is situated directly in front of a negative energy window.

Feng Shui Candles

Candles are very attractive feng shui products that come in a variety of colors and designs. The burning of candles and the soft light they emit have a definite soothing and calming effect on some people. These feng shui products are said to aid in motherhood, romance, wealth and many other aspects of life that an individual may need help in.

Feng Shui Crystals

Crystals are feng shui products that are often used to slow down the flow of energy from one area to another or to fill an area with chi. These feng shui products are also for deflecting sha (negative energy) in the environment or area. Not only are the crystals integrated into a home or office but they can also be used as jewelry to ward off negative energies. There are many colors of crystals that are used in accordance to the needs of the individual. Many Chinese believe that the jade crystal when worn on the body can prevent poor health.

The practice of feng shui and the use of feng shui products have been around for several Chinese dynasties. There is some basis of truth in most of their practice even if they sound far fetched.