Feng Shui Windows and Doors - Some Useful Tips

In Feng Shui, windows and doors are significant features of your home or any environment you happen to be in. In Feng Shui, the front door is considered to be the mouth and the way you are seen by the world so you better have appropriate doors. In Feng Shui the windows are considered to be the eyes of your house so you better have the appropriate windows. There are many useful tips for Feng Shui windows and doors.

Tips for Doors

When selecting a door you want to choose a door that seems to be in proportion to your house. Followers of Feng Shui believe that if the door is too large for the house you just might miss some important opportunities and if the door is too little it might create a disharmonious situation.

Make sure you don't design a house which allows you to stand at the front door and see right through the door opening of the back of the house or even a window. You don't want the energy flow in the house to be at a fast rate. You can slow down the flow of energy by placing some plants or some curtains to prevent a straight uninhibited flow of energy from the front door to an opening in the back of the house. Doors and windows in Feng Shui are also very important.

Make sure your front door opens easily and there are no obstructions in its way. Feng Shui experts claim that if the door doesn't have the ability to open completely it means that the opportunities that might be coming your way might be hindered. Keep your door well maintained and make sure there are know broken areas or broken pieces of glass in the door window.

Doors facing to the south should be pained in red; west facing doors in white, sliver, gold or copper; southwest facing doors can be painted in red or pink. North facing doors in blue or black; the preferred colors for northeast doors are black, blue or green; east doors in green or brown and the preferred colors for southeast facing doors are blue, red, purple or green.

Windows and Feng Shui

Windows provide you an opportunity to look at the world but they also provide a way for the Chi, which is energy, to enter your home and thus windows give you an opportunity to breath in this nurturing energy while indoors. You might want to place some curtains or a vase in front of the windows to slow down the exit of Chi. If you have any rooms in your house that are dark and gloomy you might want to expand an existing window or add another window in order to let more natural light into the room.

If you choose not to add another window to a dark room you can simply paint the room yellow. Feng Shui followers suggest you place window coverings or plants near the windows since privacy ads to a sense of harmony in a person. Make sure your Feng Shui windows and doors are done properly; if it sounds too hard you can usually find an expert to provide advice on Feng Shui windows and doors.