The Role of Feng Shui in the Classroom

The ancient Chinese Earth Science Feng Shui was originated with a notion to influence people to integrate a harmony with nature, time and space. In the literal term, Feng Shui implies 'Wind and Water', incorporating an energy flow or chi. It is believed, according to the study of Feng Shui, that the productive flow of chi influences all positive occurrences.

Oppose to it may result in different types of problems including financial breakdown, illnesses, interpersonal problems, poor academic performance and many others. This article focuses on the role of Feng Shui in the classroom setting and how Feng Shui can help in improving the learning environment in general.

Formation of Personality

We are witnessing a striking increase in school violence. Many studies focus on the incidences occurring at the school, a very few examine the roots of the problem. However, finding out the root can only offer the solution.

In order to understand the root of school violence, we must first try to understand the influencing factors that cause the students acting so violently. In other words, we should focus on understanding the reason behind their violent personalities. Personality is comprised of three integral factors - heredity, education, and environment.

Heredity is a permanent makeup of our personality which can not be changed over time. A proper education influences an individual to the best possible fashion and enhances positive qualities in an individual. However, environment plays the leading role in shaping personality. The role of environment is intrinsically dynamic and the influence of environment over personality can be changed in time.

Environmental Influence and School Violence

Environment consists of a variety of shapes, colors, and sounds. Each of these elements produces either positive or a negative pattern of vibrations. These vibrations, in turn, influence the formation of personality in a child.

Negative vibrations originated from violent movies or entertainments may lead to the development of violent personality in a child. On the other hand, positive vibrations originated from beautiful, soft music, pleasant natural surroundings may cause in the formation of well harmonized personality.

Sharp corners, asymmetrical proportions of the classroom or disproportionately designed sculpture or painting may disturb the positive energy of the environment, which, in turn, increases aggressive energy in the environment and inevitably leads to school violence. In order to stop school violence, it is important to implement Feng Shui in setting the classroom layout for receiving maximum possible positive energy flow.

Harmonious Classroom Setup

Implementing Feng Shui in the classroom not only ensures removal of aggression or violence, but also reinforces positive qualities and harmonious relationship among students and teachers. Rounded corners and symmetrical structuring can influence the positive energy flow within the classroom, which eventually increases the harmony and boost up the level of concentration and academic performance of the students.

While incorporating Feng Shui design in the classroom, you must focus on the selection of the color of the room as well. The color red adds force to aggression, whereas blue and green colors can enhance harmony and a desire for learning. However, before applying color in the classroom following Feng Shui rules, you must understand the harmonics of color combinations as well.

While there is a harmonic relation between red and yellow, white has the same with tan and blue. Several studies documented so far to ensure that Feng Shui plays a significant role in soothing the mind, reducing aggression, and enhancing the level of concentration.