How To Stop Smoking For Good

How to stop smoking for good this time? By not smoking! It really is as simple - and as hard - as that. Talking about how to stop smoking will not get that cigarette out of your mouth. Only you can get that cigarette out of your mouth and never replace it with a fresh one. Although nicotine replacement therapies like gum or the patch claim that gradually cutting down on nicotine is how to best stop smoking, this often has the reverse effect on smokers.

No Appetizers

Gradually cutting down on smoking or nicotine (although better than nothing) is not how to stop smoking permanently. It is a lot like trying developing a terrible allergy to a food you used to love. If you eat that food, you will get very sick. But just having a mouthful every now and then does more harm to your resolve than good. That appetizer reminds your body of what you are missing.

Smoking will get you deathly sick, even more so than a food allergy. Keep reminding yourself that you are allergic to smoking. Try to avoid anything or anyone that will remind your body about the nicotine it is missing. This is the basic criteria of how to quit smoking - you can't miss what you are not reminded of.

Other Tips

It is only possible to successfully quit smoking by cold turkey if no one in your home is smoking. Seeing someone smoke will trigger cravings. If your family, roommate or partner refuses to quit smoking with you, then you should talk to your doctor about how to stop smoking with nicotine replacement therapies. Even cutting down on smoking is better than not doing anything at all.

Try to avoid watching people smoke, going to places where people smoke, and see if you can get your smoking friends to not smoke in front of you (if they won't, get new friends. Your health is far more important than giving in to someone else's selfishness.) Keep going to how to stop smoking websites and support groups to a minimum, because they often dwell on the sensations you are missing.

Keep yourself busy. You need to keep distracted. And, considering your taste buds will come back, you may start to overeat. Try different foods and keep exercising regularly to not only help keep your distracted, but to keep from putting on too much weight too fast. And keep reminding yourself about all the money you are saving. You could put that money into a savings account for a longed for goal to help your determination.