A Common Chainsaw Problem: Chainsaw Carburetor Repair

One of the most common parts on a chainsaw to have problems is the carburetor. Carburetor adjustment is critical on chainsaws, keeping in mind that an adjustment that is too rich will cause the chainsaw to smoke, have insufficient power, and in addition you may have a problem with carbon building up and as a result this will end up damaging the engine.

The correct carburetor adjustment will allow the chainsaw to produce maximum power, thereby giving you the best results with your chainsaw work possible. The burn does not produce much heat and so as a result the power stroke is weak, if you have an over-rich carburetor adjustment. You may find that you have to do a lot of trial and error in order to get just the right carburetor adjustment, so be patient and make sure that you have it just right before going to use it again.


There are a few adjustments in particular that you are going to need to be aware of when it comes to chainsaw chain repair, in particular chainsaw carburetor repair, starting with the idle speed/throttle stop adjustment. This is the adjustment that controls how much of the throttle valve stays open when the throttle trigger is released, and remember that if this adjustment is set too low the engine will probably die when the throttle trigger is released. It is therefore very important that you take the time to ensure the adjustment is just right here.

There is also the low speed fuel adjustment, which is what is going to control the proportion of fuel in the combustible air/fuel mixture at idle speed. Any chainsaw carburetor repair is going to require this adjustment to be made, and again you do not want to under or overdo it.

Another adjustment necessary for proper chainsaw carburetor repair is the high speed fuel adjustment, which is basically the opposing component to the low speed fuel adjustment.

The Procedure

There is a procedure that should be followed when it comes to chainsaw carburetor repair. First you should check the air filter and clean it if necessary, then check the muffle and exhaust port for any carbon buildup. Make the proper adjustments, and then you want to check the fuel level, checking to make sure that the tank is over half full, and it should be kept this way all the time. You can complete chainsaw carburetor repair processes yourself, as long as you use this important information and follow the necessary steps.