Chainsaw Oil Pump Keeps Oil Flowing Evenly

All chain saws require oil to operate efficiently, whether a two or four-cycle engine and in addition to oil for the engine, bar oil is needed to keep the chain lubricated to prevent wear and tear on the metal bar. Many of the newer chainsaws have automatic oil disbursement to the chains while many of the older models, as well as some of the newer ones use a chainsaw oil pump to keep the bar oil evenly distributed to the chain.

Considering the amount of saw dust that accumulates near the chain and the amount of dirt in the adjacent area, it is common for the ports of the chainsaw oil pump to become clogged and not work properly. There are two ways to determine if the chainsaw oil pump is working properly. The first one is simply the reservoir for the bar oil should run dry about the same time the chainsaw runs out of oil. The second method, known as the newspaper method is to run the chain saw over a clean newspaper. There should be a spray of oil on the newspaper if it is working properly.

Since the oil is mixed with the gasoline in all two-cycle engines, the oil is pumped into the engine at the same time as the gas. If the chainsaw is running rough or appears not to be getting an even fuel flow, it could be that the filter at the bottom of the fuel tube is clogged. This will have the same affect as a clogged chainsaw oil pump.

Care Needed To Clean Or Replace Filter

Changing the filter can be simple, if the proper steps are taken. First, run the chainsaw until it is out of gas and oil mix and then remove the fuel cap. Looking inside, there will be a small hose through which the gas and oil are pumped into the engine. Carefully, pull this hose out of the tank's opening until the filter is free. The chainsaw oil pump filter is removed by carefully twisting and pulling it from the hose.

Replace the filter with a new one in the same manner and then carefully feed the hose back into the tank. Be sure to use the right chainsaw oil ratio when refilling the tank to insure proper operation of the engine. When removing the hose from the tank, if it is pulled from the engine inside the tank, the chainsaw will need to be disassembled to put it back in place.