Science Degree Not Required To Mix Chainsaw Fuel Oil

Like most pieces of power equipment, chainsaws are not something that a person can simply fill with gasoline and use. They require preventive maintenance as well as care during their off season and with most residential and many commercial models, a specific chainsaw fuel oil mixture will be required. Most chainsaws will have a two-cycle engine requiring a special two-cycle oil mixed with gasoline to form chainsaw fuel oil mix in a ratio recommended by the manufacturer, typically 50:1.

It takes no special tools or containers to properly mix chainsaw fuel oil, and in many instances the oil is sold in containers of 2.5-ounces each for residential use. One of these 2.5 ounce bottles of two-cycle engine oil mixed with one gallon of unleaded gasoline will provide the 50:1 ratio most manufacturers recommend. However, there are also containers of oil with significantly more that what is needed and some of them will have a fill indicator to insure the user adds the right amount of oil to mix the chainsaw fuel oil for their machine.

Lacking all of these advantages, a measuring cup can be used to mix the chainsaw fuel oil, using 50 parts gasoline with one part oil. In essence, 50-ounces of gasoline mixed with one ounce of two-cycle engine oil will create the correct mix.

Always Consult Owner's Manual If In Doubt

If the saw sits for long periods, the tank should be drained and a new mixture of chainsaw fuel oil used. The additives in unleaded gasoline can quickly break down the oil. The mixture should be discarded properly after 30 days and a new mix of chainsaw fuel oil made to insure proper operation. It is never good to save the mixture from one year to the next as damage to the engine can occur and the saw will not operate efficiently.

While looking through the manual to find the correct oil to gas ratio, especially if it is the first time using a particular model, the chainsaw safety section should be thoroughly read and understood before putting the chain to wood for the first time. A chainsaw can be a useful tool in many circumstances, but if used in an unsafe manner can turn an otherwise pleasant experience outdoors into a deadly accident.

Using the right chainsaw fuel oil mixture will allow the saw to operate more effectively and prolong its life and using the saw in a safe manner will protect the user from damage as well.