Chainsaw Safety Boots Can Prevent Accidental Amputation

When using a chainsaw safety boots should not be an option as they can help prevent the inadvertent amputation of the toes. However, not all boots provide the same protection and each user needs to decide which type of chainsaw safety boots will serve their needs the best. While proper fit and comfort are a couple of primary considerations, how well they can protect against an accident should be the most important factor in choosing the right pair of boots.

There are two basic types of chainsaw safety boots including those with a traditional steel toe, supplemented by material designed to stop a moving chainsaw and those made with a protective cap made of composite materials. It should also be remembered that the toes of the chainsaw safety boots will only prevent injury is the moving chain lands on the toe of the boot. If it hits behind the toe area of the boot, there are bound to be some missing toes.

Tests have shown that a chainsaw moving at high speed can cut through many of the composite materials used in chainsaw safety boots, but typically the moving chain is directed away from the foot when it contacts the steel used in the toe area of the boots. While both types may have material under the leather to clog up the chain and stop the saw away from the toe area, injury can still occur if the chain can penetrate the protective covering on the toe of the boot.

Ankles Still At Risk With Chainsaw Boots

Despite all the protection of the toe area provided by chainsaw safety boots, there is little protection on the sides of the boot to stop the chain if it comes into contact with the sides. Occasional users especially have to be conscious of the potential for injuries while using a chainsaw and should understand that all of the protective equipment available, even chainsaw safety boots, will not help them if they use the equipment in a manner inconsistent with its design.

Persons using a chainsaw for commercial purposes and on a near daily basis may want to consider taking a few chainsaw safety courses to familiarize themselves with all of the potential dangers of using a chainsaw. In most instances, a little education can go a long way in preventing injuries that can be a life-altering experience. The time spent learning about the safe methods of using this equipment can prove to be time well spent.