Chainsaw Oil Gas Should Only Be Used About A Month

When using a chainsaw, chances are it will have a two-cycle engine. Nearly all but the larger varieties of saws use this smaller engine type, while some of the larger commercial varieties will have a four-cycle engine. Two-cycle engines require that lubricating oil is mixed with the gasoline for proper operation and lubrication and the chainsaw oil gas mixture is well defined for all two-cycle engines. Typically, unleaded gasoline is all that is available and when using chainsaw oil gas mix, it will begin to lose its lubricating properties in about a month and should be properly discarded.

Typically, when mixing chainsaw oil gas is of the unleaded variety, which contains numerous additives causing the oil to break down in about 30-days, which is why the user should only mix an amount they expect to use within that time. The mixture of chainsaw oil gas should also be stored in separate container to prevent its accidental use in four-cycle engines that can cause fouling of spark plugs and rough operation.

If the mixture of chainsaw oil gas has sat more than the recommended time, it should be properly disposed of and a new mixture formulated. In a two-cycle engine, the oil in the gasoline lubricates the internal parts of the engine and without the proper mixture, or one in which the oil has lost is viscosity, internal damage will result, greatly reducing the life of the engine.

Do Not Confuse Engine Oil With Bar Oil

There are two types of oil required for proper operation of a chainsaw with a two cycle engine. First is the oil used to make a mixture of chainsaw oil gas, typically two-ounces of oil with one gallon of gasoline. The other is bar oil that lubricates the bar on which the chain runs, preventing wear of the bar and the chain. The two are not interchangeable and using bar oil in the fuel will have devastating consequences on the engine's life.

Conversely, using oil that is designed for the chainsaw oil gas mixture in the reservoir for bar oil will quickly cause the bar to over heat, which lead to warping of the bar and rapid wear to render it useless.

Regardless of the make and model of chainsaw being used, the mixture of chainsaw oil gas will be nearly be the same and the user should also following the manufacturer's directions in mixing the fuel. The container with the chainsaw oil gas should also be slightly agitated before use, especially if it has sat for a few days, to insure the oil remains equally distributed with the gasoline.