Chainsaw Oil Mix Protects Operation Of The Engine

Everyone that has ever used a chainsaw, a weed eater or other piece of outdoor power equipment is probably familiar with the need to mix gasoline with oil, especially in that equipment using a two-cycle engine. Using the appropriate chainsaw oil mix is important to the regular maintenance of the equipment's engine as the oil in the chainsaw oil mix provides the lubrication for the internal parts of the engine. The proper mixture must be achieved to prevent a smoking engine or damage to the internal parts.

Typically, manufacturers suggest two-ounces of oil for every gallon of gasoline in the chainsaw oil mix, similar to the mixture used in a majority of outdoor power equipment. If not enough oil is used, damage can occur to the engine's internal parts and if too much oil is included in the chainsaw oil mix, the engine will run rough and probably give off a lot of smoke from the burning of the excess oil, if the engine runs at all.

The life of chainsaw oil mix is estimated at 30-days, as the properties of the unleaded gasoline tends to break down the lubricating effects of the oil. Chainsaw users should only mix enough chainsaw oil mix to use within 30 days and if any is left over, they should dispose of it according to regulations and mix a new batch.

How Often Saw Is Used Determines How Much To Make

In chainsaws with a four-cycle engine, there is no need for a chainsaw oil mix as the oil and gas are used separately, similar to most of today's lawn mowers and motor vehicles. In this type of the saw, there is also a chainsaw oil pump to keep the lubricating oil flowing to the moving parts of the engine. Should it get clogged by dirt or simply break, it will need to be replaced or cleaned to keep the engine properly lubricated.

In two-cycle engines, the chainsaw oil mix is only part of the equation of an efficiently performing saw. The chain requires lubrication to protect the life of the bar around which the chain operates as well as helping to provide lubrication while cutting. Without bar oil, the bar can become bent and the chain can break as it becomes overheated due to lack of lubrication.

If the bar oil pump becomes clogged with sawdust or other debris it will require cleaning and insuring it remains free of dust and dirt should be part of regular maintenance, especially if the chainsaw is used frequently.