Chainsaw Safety Equipment Can Minimize Severity Of Accidents

When using a chainsaw, there are many different possibilities for the operator, as well as those around them to be injured. The use of chainsaw safety equipment may not eliminate the possibility for injury, but it can reduce those chances as well as help reduce the severity of any injuries that do occur. The type of chainsaw safety equipment used at any given time by the operator will depend greatly on the type of job being done, but there are some pieces of equipment that need to be used by everyone using a chainsaw.

Safety goggle will reduce the chances of flying debris injuring an eye. Since chainsaw usually operate at speeds between 3,000 and 7,000 feet per send, small bits of wood will be traveling at about the same speed when they are launched into the air by the moving chain. Wearing eye protection as part of the chainsaw safety equipment will prevent unnecessary injuries to the eye.

Protective gloves should also be part of a person's chainsaw safety equipment when using a saw as they can protect the hands from blisters and burns, should they accidentally come into contact with a hot chain or bar. They should definitely be worn when adjusting the blade tension as the blade is sharp enough to cause severe cuts to unprotected hands.

Consider Other Body Parts When Thinking About Safety

There are other items of clothing available as part of chainsaw safety equipment including chaps and boots that have been specifically designed to resist cuts by a moving chain as well as have material that can quickly stop a moving chain by binding it to a quick halt. Chaps are designed to protect the users legs from the waist down and those that are tested by Underwriters Laboratory have met stringent industry standards.

Steel toe boots are recommended by many chainsaw users, as some of the composite materials used in boots can protect against sudden weight hitting the toe but will not necessarily stop a moving chain from amputating a few digits. Boots and chaps are usually pieces of chainsaw safety equipment used by those who use their chainsaw frequently, but should be consider by nearly everyone. Along with a chainsaw safety helmet, they can reduce the extent of injury in the event of an accident.

However, even using the best chainsaw safety equipment will not totally eliminate the possibility of injury. The equipment should be in good condition, fit properly and be in place before pulling the starter cord on the saw.