Chainsaw Chain Oil Protects Bar From Heat Damage

Imagine having to hold a can of oil over a chainsaw while cutting wood, knowing that if you failed to apply the right amount the bar will overheat, possibly warp and the chain will become damaged. Instead of having to apply chainsaw chain oil manually, most saw have an automatic system designed to properly lubricate the chain and bar. For the most part, it is going to be labeled bar oil, but essentially, it is the same thing. Chainsaw chain oil designed to keep the chain flowing smoothly around the bar for anywhere from 3,000 to 7,000 feet per minute, depending on the saw.

On most chainsaws, the chainsaw chain oil is added, providing constant lubrication to the chain and the bar, into a separate reservoir. In most instances, a properly working chain oiling system will need the reservoir filled at about the same time the chainsaw runs out of gas. Figure on filling the chainsaw chain oil every time you fill the gas tank or run the risk of damaging the bar and the chain.

It is important to remember that sawdust, wood chips and dirt will quickly accumulate on the chain and in the area where the chain goes through the lubrication and must be cleaned out often. When putting the saw away for more than a week, it is advisable to lightly coat the chain with chainsaw chain oil to prevent rusting during periods of non-use.

Chainsaw Chain Oil Can Be Sticky Commodity

Chainsaw bar oil is extremely thick and pours like honey. It is almost the same color but is has a tendency to stick to the hands and fingers and can be messy if spilled on the floor or on the sides of the saw. Care must be exercised when filling the reservoir with chainsaw chain oil to insure it does not overflow.

While it would be extremely hard to confuse chainsaw chain oil with chainsaw fuel oil, in the event it happens and is noticed before the saw is operated, both reservoirs must be emptied and cleaned before the saw is used or else damage will occur to the saw. While the oil used in two-cycle engines is listed as having a viscosity of 20W, chainsaw chain oil is closer to 90W, but is made of different additives that the typical 90W gear oil. Under no circumstances should the chainsaw be operated without chain oil as damage will occur to the bar and the chain.