Shopping for Chainsaw Art

Many people have not heard of chainsaw art before and if you have not, here is some important information. Chainsaw art is actually becoming a very popular art form. It involves a chainsaw carver using a chainsaw to sculpt art out of wood. Usually the carver will take a solid log and start carving right from the side of it, often using sandbags around the log to keep it from rolling around.

The oldest chainsaw records actually go back as far as the 1950s so it is an art form that has been around for ages, and more and more people are getting involved in it.

Shopping for Art

If you like the look of chainsaw art and would like to find some for your home, there are a few places in particular that you will want to visit to shop for it. Chainsaw Jack is a great option here, and here you will be able to find some gorgeous chainsaw art. You can tell them what you would like them to make and they will create it, and they can make any of the carvings any size that you wish.

Most of their sculptures are carved from highly sought after old growth western red cedar, which means that they are strong and durable and will be able to withstand the weather so if you want you can leave the carvings outside of your home and they will be fine. The carver also mixes different paints to best re create the colors of nature, and all the carvings such as the bear carvings are extremely realistic.

The chainsaw art here is stunning but also affordable which is important, and hard to find sometimes because of the hard work that has to go into carving each piece.

Ohio Wood Art is another great option here, and for years their wood artists have been perfecting their wood carving skills. They have a large gallery of chainsaw carvings that you can check out and their carvings are also affordable. You will want to check out the gallery for yourself to decide which ones you like, and they do make custom pieces. There are a variety of shapes and colors to choose from and they will work together with you to ensure that you get a carving you absolutely love.

You may also want to get into the art form yourself, but it is much more than just picking up a log and carving it. You will need to do some research and get a lot of practice in before you will turn out anything good.