A Felted Cell Phone Case is Environmentally Friendly

Plastic cell phone cases are just that, plastic. While some of them may be waterproof none of them match your style or your personality. What fun is having a boring plastic cell phone case when you could have your very own felted cell phone case? Besides looking good and keeping your phone from getting scratched a felted cell phone case could be your way of helping out the environment by using less plastic and recycling. If that's not a good enough reason to go out and get one then what is?

Being You, Being Unique

Being conventional and looking the same as everyone else takes no effort at all. So why not be different and use a felted cell phone case. You are guaranteed to have a cell phone case that is quite different from everyone else's. The fact that your felted cell phone case is not made by a big brand name company means that you have something that is uniquely yours.

A felted cell phone case also allows you to play around with color and style more than conventional cell phone cases. The hand made quality of a felted cell phone case makes it different even from one that has a similar design. This is just one more way to celebrate and announce to the world your personality and who you are.

Help Mother Earth

Using non-biodegradable plastic is bad for the environment as anyone knows and your plastic cell phone is only going to end up in a landfill, taking up space. Do your bit by reducing plastic usage and at the same time have a funky cell phone accessory. Not only is your felted cell phone case biodegradable but you can also get one that has been made from recycled materials.

An old woolen sweater or scarf can be transformed into a felted cell phone case with a twirl in the washing machine and some needle and thread. This way you are reducing wastage and creating something new at the same time. Saving the environment doesn't get any better than that.

Make Your Own

If you really want to stretch those creative bones in your body then try making your own cell phone case out of felt. You will need an old woolen sweater with a pattern that you like. Cut a piece of the sweater out, make sure you have enough to fold over and sew together. Alternatively you can cut part of the sleeve off and sew the bottom up later. Put your piece of sweater into the washing machine with hot water. When it comes out you will have a piece of felt that you can now make into a cell phone case!