What The Heck Are Neoprene Cell Phone Cases?

Neoprene is a kind of synthetic rubber developed by chemical giant DuPont in the 1930's. Neoprene is commonly seen in wetsuits, protective gloves and scuba-diving gear. Neoprene's major advantages are that it's waterproof, floats in liquids, is somewhat flexible, and is chemical and scratch resistant. So, it is no wonder that now you can get neoprene cell phone cases. What takes more of a daily beating than your cell phone? You need to give it all of the protection you can get.

Body Glove

The company that first marketed neoprene cell phone cases was Body Glove. They not only market neoprene cell phone cases, but also neoprene headsets and neoprene BlackBerry cases. As of this writing, Body Glove products have the number one rating on Google search engine for "neoprene cell phone cases". The company you will be sent to is 1-800-Mobiles.com. For only about twenty dollars (US), you can give your cell phone sturdy and stylish protection.

It probably won't be a big surprise to learn that Body Glove was not originally a neoprene cell phone case company. They originally made (and still do) wetsuits, swimsuits, lifejackets, wakeboards and water skis. All of those products use neoprene. Since they had so much neoprene laying about, they thought, "We should do something else with this stuff," and came up with neoprene cell phone cases.

You can get neoprene cell phone cases that cover the entire phone or just the edges (or everything except the buttons. Body Glove makes "universal" cases for all brands of cell phones, but also makes a special one just for the incredibly over hyped Apple iPhone. This also includes a kickstand. More accurately, it should be called a picture frame, because it props your iPhone up on a flat surface as if it were a framed photograph.

Other brands that have the kickstand and special sizing include BlackBerry phones, Motorola phones, Nokia phones, HTC phones and LG phones. They mostly look alike and are predominately black (although there are occasional chocolate brown and choking pink in the catalogue). Black goes with everything, so that this why black is the most common color for any cell phone accessory.

Today, there are many companies besides Body Glove that make neoprene cell phone cases. Sometimes they are advertised as "soft rubber" rather than neoprene cell phone cases. They can be found online, or in real world electronics or department stores. They'll probably be available in vending machines soon.