Yes, There Are Such Things As Rugged Cell Phone Cases

If you have a cell phone, then chances are that you need a cell phone case. These useful and occasionally attractive cell phone accessories can help you not only locate your cell phone easier among your everyday clutter, but helps to protect your expensive gadget from knocks, minor dents and scratches. Perhaps you would prefer not just any old cell phone case, but a rugged cell phone case.

If It Was A Guy

If you've done any cell phone accessory shopping for more than five minutes, you will be assaulted by a Roget's Thesaurus worth of adjectives and adverbs about cell phone cases. Choosing a cell phone case is a bit choosing an employee. What kind of guy are you looking for? If you are looking for rugged cell phone cases, then you are looking for the Chuck Norrises or the Harrison Fords of cell phone cases. Rugged cell phone cases are definitely tough, not easily phased and get the job done…if that job is carrying your cell phone around.

What Do They Look Like

Unfortunately, rugged cell phone cases do not look like Chuck or Harrison. They do, however, look like things Batman and Robin would fasten onto their utility belts. They are made out of tough materials like leather or "ballistic nylon" (which is apparently regular nylon that's gone ballistic. Wow - working with nylons is getting a lot more dangerous these days). They also have steel belt clips and swivel locks.

Ask For Them By Name

There is also a brand name of cell phone accessories called Rugged, which feature cell phone cases as previously described. They come in very masculine, muscular colors like solid black and jungle camouflage. They come in various sizes and can be attached to belt loops or by a belt clip. If you want just the clips, they are sold separately.

Rugged also makes other useful cell phone tools like a battery charger that you can plug into your car's cigarette lighter; Bluetooth wireless headsets; and plug in the wall battery charger adapters. I've noticed that on the website they claim, "Don't even THINK about calling them accessories!", so I might be in trouble.

It is actually more secure to have your cell phone hooked onto your belt than in a bag or back pocket. You can easily become separated from your bag, and any adequate pickpocket can lift anything from a victim's back pocket. Hopefully, you will not become separated from your belt when out in public.