How to Tell a Real Prada Cell Phone Case From a Fake

There are literally hundreds of different types of cell phone cases that one can choose from, but it is always good - if one can afford it of course - to get the best quality. A Prada cell phone case is pretty much the top of the line, but with all the frauds out there it is important for consumers to be able to tell the difference between a real Prada cell phone case and a fake.

What to Look for

In order to tell a real Prada cell phone case from a fake, there are a few things that should be looked for. Believe it or not it is actually quite easy to tell designer goods from knockoffs, as long as the buyer is aware of what to look for.

The first step is to look for the Prada name. The letter ‘r' in Prada is especially important here because it should be curvy and not straight. The background of the Prada plate is also important here, and will usually be the same color as the actual Prada cell phone case, although this is not always true.

The tag on the cell phone case should say ‘Prada Made in Italy' and nothing similar or close to it, but exactly this, otherwise it is a fraud. The lining on the cell phone case should say Prada horizontally all over it, not in any other way or again it is most likely a fraud.

Anyone who is still unsure how to tell the real thing from a phony should ask a professional to check it out before buying, or have a discussion with the seller. Any legit and reputable seller will have no problem talking to a customer and making sure that they are aware that the item is the real thing. They should be able to produce the proper certificates and statement of authenticity, and any other documents that a potential customer inquires about.

Where to Buy

For anyone interested in buying a Prada cell phone case, there are a few places in particular that are going to be worth checking out. Of course buying directly from the Prada Company is an option, but there are also many online companies that are worth considering, especially since shopping online can mean great savings.

Neiman Marcus is a company available online, and the best thing is that they are such a longstanding and familiar name, and so there does not need to be so much worry in regards to making sure that the items are authentic.