The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone Headsets

Cell phone headsets are all the rage because you can use your phone and both of your hands to talk. They come in many different colors and sizes and look very space-age. If you don't mind looking like Johnny Spaceman, you could conceivably talk on the phone and use both of your hands for working, knitting or whatever. But this is the dawn of cell phone headset technology. Any new technology is going to have its advantages and disadvantages.


The advantages of cell phone headsets are convenience, speedier communication and being able to multitask. Cell phone headsets are based on the headsets that telephone operators or call center workers wear. Sometimes professional singers will wear combination wireless headset microphones in order to dance or play an instrument as they sing. Cell phone headsets come wireless or corded and often have added extras like stereo sound and adaptation for iPods or Walkmans.


First off, cell phone headsets can help make you oblivious to essential surrounding noise that helps you get around in life. It is never a good idea to wear one while driving, for instance. You also look like an idiot talking to the air if your cell phone headset is particularly small.

Another major disadvantage is that we just don't know that much about the effects of long-term cell phone headset use on the human body. Come to think of it, we also don't know the long-term affects of using cell phones on the human body. This is a major piece of microwave-producing machinery being placed next to your head.

A 2005 Swedish study showed there was evidence that long-term cell phone use can give you a brain tumor and puts you at greater risk for developing brain cancer. The same study also suggested that at least traditional cell phones are safer than cell phone headsets, because the latter put out much more electro-magnetic radiation.

Another disadvantage is that you are talking to people who aren't there in front of you. Although this is the Information Age, modern human beings are sadly lacking in the art of personal communication. Believe it or not, our species managed to survive just fine without cell phones or cell phone headsets.

In conclusion, both cell phones and cell phone headsets should be used in moderation or just for emergencies. Being at the supermarket and wondering which brand of cereal you have left at home does NOT constitute an emergency.