Enjoy Total Mobility with the Sterero Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset

Being on the go means being able to handle more than one thing at a time. Whether it's answering calls and driving to a meeting or listening to your music in the thirty minutes you have at the gym. To match that busy lifestyle everything you own has to be compatible with your juggling act. This leaves no space for cumbersome phones or headsets that are big and bulky and worst of all, anything that's uncomfortable. With the Sterero Bluetooth cell phone headset you can be assured of total mobility as you go through your day.

Easy to Use

Anything that makes your life easier has got to be a plus. This qualifies the Sterero Bluetooth cell phone headset as a plus; it is so easy to use. When you don't have to use it the Sterero Bluetooth cell phone headset remains discreet and out of the way. You won't realize it's there while you are doing other things. At the same time the buttons are still easy to reach so there's no mad scramble for the phone under the pile of papers on your desk or at the bottom of your handbag.

You can also enjoy the music saved on your cell phone with the Sterero Bluetooth cell phone headset. No need to have your earphones plugged into your phone just because you want to listen to your music. You can leave your phone in your pocket while you garden or on the commute home. The jack on the headset is 3.5 mm so you can also change the headphones if you want a different color or length.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on the Sterero Bluetooth cell phone headset is also excellent. This is really important when you think of its purpose. Your conversations won't be interrupted by background noise and you will be able to listen to the other end perfectly clear. There is also an adaptive frequency hopping feature to cut down on interference from other wireless technologies around you.

The Sterero Bluetooth cell phone headset has excellent sound quality to make sure that your music sounds great. The bass is deep and the overall sound is clear. Another thing that makes the Sterero Bluetooth cell phone headset has an automatic volume adjuster that adjusts to your surroundings. In a noisy environment the headset will increase so that you don't have to do it. The digital signal processing feature also helps to cancel out echoes and compress the sound to give you perfect sound.