Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset: Where to Look

Bluetooth is a global standard eliminating wires between both stationary and mobile devices, and it facilitates both voice and data communications between Bluetooth and devices. It provides a global platform for ad hoc networks, delivers the ultimate synchronicity between all Bluetooth enabled personal devices, and is a global and open specification for short range wireless communications of all sorts.

Bluetooth cell phones are incredibly popular, and there are many great accessories that one can purchase to go with their cell phone here. The Bluetooth cell phone headset is particularly popular, and there are a few different models to choose from.

Anycom ARIS-21 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headset

This is one Bluetooth cell phone headset in particular that is definitely worth checking out. It comes at a good price but without compromising any quality or features. It is very easy to use, and there are only three separate keys for volume, call management, and voice dialing. This helps users to avoid making mistakes, such as accidentally picking up a call or ending a call.

This Bluetooth cell phone headset is comfortable to wear all day long because it weighs only 21 grams. It offers great sound quality, as it features a quality speaker in an acoustically optimized casing plus a special microphone which always provides excellent communication for both parties of a call.

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

This is another great option for a Bluetooth cell phone headset. It features perforated shield curves which make for a very unique design. It also identifies speech as the voice activity sensor is able to identify precisely when the user is speaking and that it is their voice. The Jawbone technology implemented here seamlessly adjusts the speaker output so that the user is able to hear their caller's voice better, because background noises are blocked out.

Jawbone eliminates this noise by using highly directional microphones and powerful signal processing algorithms.

Although there are definitely the best two options for a Bluetooth cell phone headset, there are many more options as well, and the best part of all is that because Bluetooth is such a popular and widely known name, their products are available in retail stores all across the globe. There are many online companies as well that offer Bluetooth mobile phone accessories, including the cell phone headset, and by shopping online consumers are often able to save a great deal of time and money. Just be cautious of course and be careful which companies you are giving your personal information to.