Cell Phone Parts and Accessories - Some Pertinent Reviews

You have a cell phone and you really enjoy using it and now you are wondering if you can purchase some accessories that can increase your enjoyment while using your cell phone or make it easier to use. Let's take a look at some of the cell phone parts and accessories that are available.

Iqua Vizor

The Iqua Vizor is a low priced speakerphone designed to be used with Bluetooth technology and it's designed with an attractive appearance. Some users of the device have suggested that the sound quality is just okay.

The Wilson Electronics Wireless Amplifier Cradle set has been reported by users to improve the reception of their cell phone. It works with numerous cell phone models that are on the market and it is one of the useful cell phone parts and accessories available on the market.

When shopping for cell phone parts and accessories the Iqua BHS-303 offers good value for the money. It's a basic headset and offers good sound quality and it features a built-in microphone. It's available at numerous stores as well as being available for purchase on the internet.

When looking for cell phone parts and accessories consider purchasing Samsung SCH-i760 Clear Touch Anti-Glare Screen Protector which helps you avoid getting scratches on the touch screen on your phone. You can find it at stores and it is also available on the internet.

JayBird JB -100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

While you are shopping for cell phone parts and accessories consider buying the JayBird JB-100 Bluetooth stereo headset which provides you a clear audio response and customers have reported that dropouts rarely occur. However the headset won't fit everyone and some people who have purchased the headset have suggested that the bass response is not great and the volume while using the headset is limited but despite the insufficient bass response the sound quality at the high end as well as the middle portion were good and the sound is clear. It's designed with in-ear ear-bud and it has an over the ear mount and it is a lightweight device.

The JayBird JB-100 Bluetooth stereo headset has a low profile type of design and it includes two crescent moon style pieces that are designed to curve behind your ear. In order to keep the device from being bulky the manufactures decided to not provide playback controls on the headset. They decided to place the call/power button as well as the volume controls on the right ear piece. Situating the device in order to have a comfortable fit takes a little effort and the headset performs well in a variety of environments. There are numerous types of cell phone parts and accessories that are available.