Southwestern Bell Cell Phone Headset - A Good Deal

For those of you who want to be able to use your hands for work or other activities while you are talking to your friends on your cell phone, a headset for your cell phone is a great idea. They can also be useful while you are at work and Southwestern Bell offers headsets that offer good value for the money.

Product Details

The Southwestern Bell cell phone headset S60211 is of the full headset variety and has the ability to function with cordless as well as cell phones that are provided with a 2.5 millimeter jack. The headset is designed with a boom mic which is adjustable which helps to make sure you have clear communication during your conversations with friends and business associates.

It is designed with a useful noise canceling function which makes it easier to hear your conversation partner and it is provided with an easy to use volume control. The unit makes a comfortable fit on your head and it is designed to be adjustable and can fit most head sizes and it's also a lightweight headset.

The Southwestern Bell cell phone headset model S60210 is a great accessory for your cell phone. It requires a 2.5 millimeter jack and it is provided with an adjustable mic. The headset was designed to be a lightweight unit and it feels very comfortable while placed on your head. It can be purchased at numerous stores and is available at various websites.

Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews of a Southwestern Bell cell phone headset by customers have been positive. One customer claimed that after searching for headsets and comparing prices the Southwestern headset model S60210 was a quality headset and was about a tenth of the price of a similar model made by a different manufacturer. Another satisfied customer posted on the web that the sound was good and he was quite pleased with the headset.

It has been noted by another satisfied customer that the Southwestern Bell cell phone headset model S60210 was a good bargain and cost a lot less when compared to other headphones. He commented that it sounds great and people on the other side of the conversation have mentioned that they could hear him loud and clear.

Another post on the web regarding the Southwestern Bell headset mentions that the device is a good deal for the money and he could not find a headset that was as good of a deal as the Southwestern Bell cell phone headset. Another customer posted on the web that he likes the product so much that he would gladly purchase another headset from Southwestern Bell. If you are looking for a headset consider purchasing a Southwestern cell phone headset.