Shopping for an Aviation Cell Phone Headset Adapter

There are many accessories that are available for cell phones these days, and the aviation cell phone headset adapter is one of the best. It is incredibly useful and one that can be advantageous to almost everyone. It is also affordable and so it is not exclusively purchased by people who are wealthy.

The Details

There are a few things in particular that should be known about the aviation cell phone headset adapter. For one, there is the SafetyCell Headset to Phone Adapter, which can be used to connect a general aviation headset to a cell phone. In particular it enables pilots to connect a cell phone to any standard aircraft headset, which obviously adds a lot of convenience.

Incoming and outgoing calls both can be answered through the headset immediately as they come through, and when a phone call comes in, the pilot is able to hear it ringing right through the headset.

This particular aviation cell phone headset adapter allows the user to hear radio and phone transmissions simultaneously, dial phone normally and talk, hear incoming calls ringing through the headset, and it works on any telephone that is compatible with a hands free system. With it the user can call their clients and tell them they have arrived at a destination, contact an FBO or rental car agency that cannot be reached by radio, and get an IFR clearance at uncontrolled fields, just to give a few examples.

Another option is the Pilot PA-86A Amplified Cell Phone/Music Adapter. This aviation cell phone headset adapter is definitely worth the price, and offers super clear safety enhancing cell phone communications directly through the headset. It has a built in amplifier which boosts cell phone conversations, and users are also able to play a CD, MP3, or iPod player and receive outstanding quality.

When it comes to a device such as an aviation cell phone headset adapter, it is important to go for quality. Of course the price should not be ridiculously high, but it is well worth it to spend a bit extra and get a good quality product than to not and end up getting an adapter that produces poor reception or breaks down after a few tries.

Anyone who is unsure of which brand to go with or which style to choose should speak to a sales representative who is knowledgeable in this area and who will be able to help the decision making process a great deal easier.