Wireless Cell Phone Headset and You

A Wireless cell phone headset that uses Bluetooth technology provides you the opportunity to attach the headset to your cell phone which can make using the cell phone much more convenient. You get all the perks from the typical wired headset but you don't have to use the cords which can be a nuisance, however you have to use a battery source or you have to keep it charged. In order to use a Bluetooth headset you are required to have a Bluetooth enabled phone or a Bluetooth adaptor.

A wireless cell phone headset is great to have if you desire to use your cell phone without your hands even when you are not in a car. They can also add some safety when you are using your cell phone while driving an automobile. The hands off approach to using a cell phone can also be very useful while you are at work or performing a variety of tasks or just sitting on your couch.

With Bluetooth advanced technology you can be about thirty feet from your phone and still get excellent communication. You have the opportunity to answer the cell phone as well as terminate the call remotely by pushing a button on your headset.


Plantronics produces wireless cell phone headsets that are compatible with Bluetooth technology. The Plantronics headsets are lightweight and will feel comfortable on your head even if you wear them all day long. They are small and won't look awkward on your head and they are ideal for people on the go.

Plantronics Pulsar 590A

The Plantronics Pulsar 590A wireless cell phone headset provides the freedom you want from a wireless headset while making telephone calls and it allows you to listen to your MP3 payer, television, computer, laptop as well as DVDs. You can conveniently go from talking on your Bluetooth phone to listening to music or a movie and you won't have to miss any important calls from your friends.

A universal adaptor is provided with the Plantronics Pulsar 590 wireless cell phone headset and it is designed to attach to most of the 3.5 mm audio devices. The headset is foldable and numerous accessories are available such as an AC charger and a convenient desktop charging stand.

The Plantronics Voyager 510S wireless cell phone headset is another of the quality products provide by Plantronics that are compatible with Bluetooth technology. In addition to making telephone calls the unit can be used in collaboration with your television, laptop computer, DVDs, MP3 player and you can listen to them in stereo. Wireless cell phone headsets are available at numerous stores and on the internet.