Change Your Look with Cosmetic Contact Lenses

They say that changing your hair color or even changing the color of your shirt can create a new outlook on life. Another way to change your look is with cosmetic contact lenses. These lenses, which come in many colors and styles, are not just used to correct vision. They can enhance your appearance and create a unique and dramatic look.

Once used only by Hollywood filmmakers and theatrical productions, cosmetic contact lenses are now available to the public. Whether for special occasion or everyday use, these lenses can literally change your outlook. Often referred to as special effects contact lenses or just colored contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses can make anyone stand out in a crowd. The focus of this article is providing descriptions of the various kinds of cosmetic contact lenses.

Special Effect, Colored and Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Special effects contact lenses can be mass produced or custom made. Versions based on popular films such as "The Lost Boys" and "Interview with a Vampire" exist and are often named after the films or key characters. The most popular generic cosmetic contact lenses and their descriptions are listed below:

Cat's eye/Snake eye/Reptilian: These contacts give the appearance of having the same eyes color and pupil shape as a cat, snake, or other reptile. There are also wolf eye versions available.

Zombie/Blind eye/White out: These contacts give the appearance of a solid milky eye. The problem with blind eye lenses is that wearers cannot see through them. Thus, you may see wearers with one blind eye and one regular eye.

Fire eye: The eye is filled with red and orange flames

Black (or other colored) sclera: The entire eye, pupil, iris, and white are colored. With black sclera lenses, the eye socket appears filled with black oil.

Mirrored eye: The entire eye is reflective.

Hemorrhaged eye: The white of the eye appears filled with broken red blood vessels.

Dilated pupil eye: Lenses can be used for one or both eyes to give the impression of larger than normal pupils.

Glow in the dark eye: Contacts glow in the dark or under black light.

Whether you are attending a rave, walking the city, celebrating Halloween, or meeting the in-laws, cosmetic contact lenses are sure to get attention. It is important to note that, even if vision correction is not needed, you still need a prescription and fitting for cosmetic lenses from a certified ophthalmologist or optometrist.