Mirrored Contact Lenses For Halloween

Imagine wearing contact lenses that when people look at you they find themselves looking right back at themselves. That's right, you can now buy mirrored contact lenses. Mirrored contact lenses have the same effect as those mirrored sunglasses have except they fit right onto your eye. These are great for Halloween. If you wear mirrored contact lenses with your Halloween costume, you're sure to win any costume contest you enter. Talk to your eye doctor about acquiring mirrored contact lenses. Or, you can search for them online. You can get them whether you need contacts for vision correction or not. Actually, it's much easier to get them if you don't need vision correction because you won't need a prescription to buy them. They are then just called novelty lenses.

No Prescription Necessary

If you don't need contacts in order to see clearly and you just want mirrored contact lenses as part of your Halloween costume, you should be able to buy them no problem. You simply find a website or novelty shop that sells them and pick them up. It's that easy. Since they're contact lenses, they should be one size fits all. If you find that they don't fit, you may be able to have them custom made but that will set you back a little more money. If you do need contacts for vision correction, that's a different story altogether. That's when you need to see an actual doctor.

Vision Correction

If you do need contacts for vision correction, you may need to speak to your eye doctor about where to acquire mirrored contact lenses. You can't just buy mirrored contact lenses at a novelty shop or online if they are vision correction lenses. That's because you need a prescription from an actual doctor. Your eye doctor should be able to help you out with this. As mirrored contact lenses become more popular, there is more of a demand for that sort of thing; especially around Halloween time.

Become the Life of The Party

When you walk into the Halloween party with mirrored contact lenses, they create such a striking effect that everyone will want to know where you got them. It will look as though you shouldn't be able to see but they are in fact clear from your end. You wear them just like normal contacts except they have a complete mirror image. So this Halloween, scare your friends and create the ultimate costume with mirrored contact lenses.