Turn Around Bright Eyes: Color Contacts for Dark Eyes

Light eyes on a dark skinned or dark haired beauty can stop you in your tracks. That beautiful, male actor who plays Warrick Brown on CSI: Las Vegas comes immediately to mind. It is a unique set of genetics that can bring about naturally bright, brilliant eyes. Dominant genes include brown eyes, brown hair, and the ability to roll your tongue. None of these dominant traits are as lovely as the rarer recessive genes like green, blue, and yellow eyes and fiery red or white blonde hair. If you aren't blessed with show-stopping genetics, today's trend is to buy cosmetic enhancements. Hair can be lightened and color contacts for dark eyes can be bought, although I don't think there is a cure for rolling your tongue. The focus of this article is on purchasing color contacts for dark eyes.

When color contacts first came on the market, interested buyers like me were informed that we really must stay within a similar range of color to our own eye color or go darker in color. It was not possible to wear a bright blue contact on a dark brown eye. Advances in contact lenses have made it easily possible to change your eye color to virtually any color you want. There are even special effects contacts that can give wearers bright "wolf eyes" or "white out" eyes. For those who are slightly less adventurous but still desire an aesthetic, color contacts for dark eyes are an excellent alternative.

Where to Buy Color Contacts for Dark Eyes

Your eye doctor's office is the best place to start when buying contact lenses. You may need a prescription and even if you do not want corrective lenses, you will need to be fitted for contact lenses. Once fitted, there are four types of colored contact lenses to choose from: visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque color tints, and light filtering tints. The differences in the four types are as follows:

Visibility tints: have a green or blue tint so that you can see the lens but do not change eye color

Enhancement tints: are similar colors to your eyes but subtly enhance/brighten color

Opaque color tints: deeper color contacts for dark eyes to make natural eyes appear dramatically different/lighter in color

Light filtering tints: used in sports to make certain tints stand out-such as yellows in tennis (for the tennis ball) to enhance overall game play