Do You Know How Do Contact Lenses Work?

There are millions of people across the globe, who wear contact lenses because they are much more convenient that wearing glasses. With so many contact lenses around you the question might pop in your mind about how do contact lenses work?

Demystifying The Use Of Contact Lenses

The contact lenses get fixed on the eye owing to the pressure exerted from the eyelids as well as the pull of the cornea in combination with tears produced by your eyes naturally. Every time you blink the contact lens would move up and down slightly allowing the tear to lubricate the lens from underneath, while expelling any debris found in the eye at the same time.

Now that you know how the lenses stick to the eye, we can go on and look up the answer to the question on how do contact lenses work. As you know the contact lenses are used for two main purposes - (1) for the correction of vision and (2) for changing the color of your eyes.

Changing the color of eyes is easy - all you need to do is wear a transparent or opaque contact lens of the color you wanted over your eyes and you instantly get different color eyes.

However, when it comes to the vision correction the answer on how do contact lenses work is a little more complex. The lenses are recommended for the same reason as the glasses, i.e. bad vision. This could be anything from presbyopia to farsightedness to nearsightedness, etc. In all these cases the light is not able to reach the retina of the eye correctly, hence the contacts (or glasses) are used to focus the light back on the retina.

There are different types of contact lenses for each of the different types of vision problems. This is why though the basic principle of how do contact lenses work is the same, even when the lenses are completely different from one another.

For example, if you suffer from myopia you would have lenses that are thick around the edges and tapering thin in the middle as this model brings the light in the perfect position on the retina. If you suffer from far sightedness on the other hand, the contact lenses would be just the opposite in order to correct the vision. In the case of astigmatism, your optometrist would give you unique measurements so your cornea would get a tailor-made lens to correct the eye-sight problem.

In short, the answer to how do contact lenses work is based on what imperfection your vision is suffering from. Each problem has different prescription, but the principle remains the same, i.e. the lenses are shaped in such a way that it would facilitate the light to fall correctly on the retina for crystal clear vision.