How to Remove Contact Lenses - The Painless Technique

Contact lenses are great inventions that are steadily replacing glasses because of their exceptional convenience and esthetic value. The contacts are normally attached on the cornea of the eye and their use is completely harmless and painless. On the contrary, using contacts can make your life much easier, i.e. in sports, dancing, or when you are too conscious of how you look wearing glasses.

Learning How to Remove Contact Lenses Correctly

There are three major types of lenses depending upon their use, cost and quality: soft lenses which are made of very soft plastic, the hard contact lenses which are also known as GP or rigid Gas Permeable and lastly there are the semi-hard lenses. Before you learn how to remove contact lenses you need to learn how to put them on first.

Wash your hands with soap and then running water for a long time. It is important that your hands should be clean before you touch the lenses because the slightest impurity stuck on it can cause massive irritation or infection in the eye. Now, open your eyes wide and look at one or other side while slightly pushing in the lens with the concave part on the inside into the eye. As soon as it gets stuck to the eye, close you eyes and keep them closed for a little while to allow the tears if any, to run down. Be careful, sometimes your lenses could get washed out along with the tears.

At the end of the day before you go to sleep you should remove the lenses, clean them and store them in their little boxes dipped in the recommended solution. This would keep them soft and pliable for the next day's use.

It is easy to learn how to remove contact lenses provided you are patient and you practice the move for a couple of times. What you need to do is look down and open your eyes wide. With impeccably clean hands you grab very gently the contact lens from the eye (use your thumb ad forefinger) and pull. If everything is okay the lens would come into your hand without any problem.

How To Remove Contact Lenses When The Lens Is Stuck To The Eye

There is a simple technique on how to remove contact lenses when they are stuck to the eyes. Sit down in a very comfortable chair with your head thrown back. Take the recommended eye drops and add a few drops to the eyes, say about 3-5 should be just about sufficient. Close your eyes and allow the liquid swirl behind the closed eye lids. As the eye drop would permeate the eye lens, you could easily remove it through the steps described a little earlier.