Understanding Medicated Contact Lenses

There is a lot about medication to the eye that seems to make people cringe with fear and it is generally about how the eye medication is applied. Although some people have a problem with fear of possible burning or irritation that would come from the medications, the likelihood of that actually occurring is very slim. But the reason that most people fear having to go through eye medication treatments is because they do not like the little bottle of dropper coming near their eyes as they feel like they are going to be poked out.

But a lot of these people already wear contacts and they have no problem with sticking their fingers into their eyes to put the contacts in and to take them out. So, there are many companies who have decided that medicated contact lenses may be the way to go. This may help make sure that people do not just skip out on their eye medication or stop taking it too soon, which can cause problems depending on what was being treated through the use of the medication. The idea behind the medicated contact lenses is that you place the medication on the contact lenses and then you place the contact lenses in your eyes.

Side Effects

There is still the risk of a few side effects from placing the medicated contact lenses in your eyes but no one really knows for sure what exactly the problems could be as most people who have tried it and it worked out fine for them. If you are one of the people who are afraid to use eyedroppers and you know that with droppers, you really will not get the correct amount of medication, speak with your eye care specialist about medicated contact lenses.

He or she will be able to talk in depth with you about the pros and cons of it and will also be able to address any fears or concerns you have with droppers or the medicated contact lenses themselves. There is a lot to gain by taking up on what science has to offer and without trying something new, you may be missing out on a lot of good stuff, including getting the right amount of medication to your eye. Your eyes are important so you should speak with your doctor about the use of medicated contact lenses in order to make sure that they are given every chance possible to make the best outcome possible.