Custom Contact Lenses for Prosthetics and Special Effects

Custom contact lenses encompass both prosthetic and special effects contact lenses. Contact lenses can be custom-made to camouflage a congenital defect or eye injury as a result of an accident. The can also be made for theatrical effect. There is an aesthetic purpose in both prosthetic and special effects custom contact lenses, so both types will be discussed in this article.

Prosthetic Custom Contact Lenses

Prosthetic contact lenses are hand-painted. Often they are used to match a "normal" eye with one that has been damaged. An amazing realistic effect can be created with these labor-of-love, custom-made contact lenses. Custom, soft lenses are made from special materials that are comfortable to the eye and able to bond with the multi-layered pigments used to create the depth and definition similar to a real eye. Because of the one-of-a-kind nature of prosthetic lenses, prices can be as high as hundreds to thousands of dollars. There are no refunds offered by many of these companies due to the fact that lenses are unique to each individual. An initial consultation must be made with specific companies who offer this service and they will not substitute existing medical records for a complete examination. Patients can be color-matched during the initial consultation, fitted and measured, and photographed. Specific needs will be evaluated. Prosthetic lenses require regular maintenance as with any other contact lens. Lenses last one to two years if cared for properly. Custom lenses can be made to correct most vision problems except for astigmatism. The website is one excellent resource for prosthetic custom contact lenses.

Special Effects Custom Contact Lenses

Special effects contact lenses have been used by the motion picture industry for over 30 years and are now available to the public. also offers a wide array of custom-made contacts for film, theater, or personal costume use. As with any lens, an initial consultation and examination must be made and patients must be fitted for contacts by an eye doctor. Special effects lenses can be made to correct vision as well as for aesthetic effect. Each contact lens is designed customized to the request of the buyer. Some of the effects available include, bloody or hemorrhaged eyes, aged eyes, cataracts, blind effects, and mirrored eyes.

Custom contact lenses, though significantly more expensive and time-consuming to create, are one of a kind pieces of art. These lenses can last several years. With regular care and maintenance, they can provide hours of entertainment- whether in professional filmmaking, on the stage, or at home.