Looking Good: Finding Contacts Online

The Internet has made it possible to shop for goods and services online and often at a more affordable price than shopping at a mall or outlet. Online shopping is quicker, easier, and more convenient since it can be done from the comfort of your home. One product that is easy to order online is contact lenses. Finding contacts online can save you time, energy, and money. This article will focus on how and where to buy contacts online.

Contact lens wearers can choose from many different styles of contacts online. Most contact lens wearers use either daily wear or extended wear lenses. Because of this, wearers must buy refills on daily, weekly, or monthly disposable contact lenses. This can be time consuming and expensive over the course of a year. Some contact lens wearers choose long term contact lenses. Soft lenses last a year. Rigid gas permeable lenses last more than a year. However, many doctors and patients are opting to use disposable lenses since they are healthier for the eye. There is less chance for protein or bacteria buildup in daily disposable lenses. Additionally, there is no need to buy contact cleaning solution with daily lenses which saves you money. Besides short and long term wear contacts, there are special contact lenses for various eye conditions such as astigmatism. Contact lenses can also be custom made for special effects or cosmetic purposes.

Finding Daily and Monthly Contacts Online

No matter what kind of contact lens you are looking for, you must have an eye doctor prescribe and fit you for contact lenses. Contact lenses are classified as medical devices since they are placed in the eye. Once you have a prescription for your specific lens, you can order contacts online. Some good places to begin are: www.visiondirect.com, www.acuvue.com, and www.1800contacts.com. All of these websites provide information on contact lenses, allow customers to order on line, and offer live customer support. These sites are also easy to navigate.

Make sure the website you have chosen carries your desired contact lenses. Most sites have a full product list available which you can view prior to placing an order. Also, check a few sites to make sure you are getting the best price. Many sites offer free shipping for orders over $50 and offer coupons or discounts on subsequent orders as well as specials on certain brands. Make sure the site will retain your information so that ordering refills will be easy. You can always refill your contact lens prescription at your doctor's office or at the mall, but why? Ordering contacts online is the cheapest, quickest method to buy contact lenses.