When You Can Order Contacts Without A Prescription

Contact lenses, whether they are for eye color or correction of vision, are very common nowadays. Once upon a time their prohibitive cost had heir use limited only to the rich or Hollywood stars; today with the help of technology the prices have become affordable enough for regular people to be able to have one for every day of the week.

How Do You Order Contacts Without A Prescription?

You can order contacts without a prescription; however the only retailers that would entertain your request would be those who operate illegally. This means that the lenses you would be getting might or might not be qualitative. Can you take a chance on the health of your eyes? It is rather advisable to have your eyes checked in case you do not have (read lost) your prescription and use the new prescription for the purchase of your contacts.

When you buy color lenses you could order contacts without a prescription, because no prescription is needed for this purpose. Anybody can buy any type of color lenses over the counter with absolutely no problem. There are in fact many short-duration-use color contact lenses which are associated with horror parties, Halloween and the like, where you could order contacts without a prescription.

These color lenses are normally used for a few hours wear at a time, such as at parties to create a ghoulish look. These lenses are not meant for long term use. Similar to this type of contacts are the special effects contact lenses which can give you the weirdest looks ever. Some of the most popular scary contact lenses which you could definitely order contacts without a prescription, are as briefed hereunder:

Bloody eyes - this is a type of scary contact lenses which give the impression that your eyes would at any moment start dripping blood. However, nothing would ever come out as the effect is created only by the positioning of the contact lenses.

Animal type eyes such as reptile, cat, wolf, snake are also very much in vogue today. Most teenagers use such contacts to scare one another in the school, and sometimes even play a trick or two on their teachers or parents as well.

Spiral black or red contact lenses are one more crazy type of lenses which can transform your eyes into two horrible spirals. The overall effect is so horrible that nobody can dare to look you into the eyes as long as you wear such contact lenses.

Besides these, you also get a number of designer cosmetic eyes which are meant to give special effects to your eyes and enhance any outfit you wear.