Every Day is Halloween: Special Effects Contact Lenses

Once upon time this writer had a cool sense of style. I remember wearing fake eyelashes, black combat boots, gothic dresses, and flowers in my hair…Pretty cool for 1992. These days, those with a unique sense of style have more options than ever to increase their cool factor. One of these options is special effects contact lenses. In 1992, eyeglasses were the only option and contacts were just coming into their own as a more attractive method of vision correction. Fast forward 16 years and contact lenses are no longer just for vision correction, but now serve as cosmetic vision enhancements.

Special effects contact lenses have been used in Hollywood films for decades. Movie monster werewolves, vampires, and the like depend on their wild costume eyes to incite fear in the audience. The public can now obtain "wolf eyes" and "vampire eyes" for themselves…and wear them to the office if they are so inclined.

There are as many styles of special effects contact lenses as there are wearers. Some of the most popular styles are: glow in the dark eyes, fire eyes, hemorrhage eyes, cat's eyes, and reptile eyes. Glow in the dark eyes do just that- but don't allow wearers to actually see in the dark. Fire eyes make the eye appear to be filled with flames. Hemorrhage eyes make the eye appear filled with broken blood vessels (my registered nurse mother would have a hemorrhage if she caught me in a pair), and cat's and reptile eyes give eyes the appearance of said creatures. Special effects contact lenses can be worn for Halloween, for theatrical purposes, or as mentioned above-just because they look cool.

Buying Special Effects Contact Lenses Online

There are several reputable online sites where special effects contact lenses can be purchased. It is important to note that buyers will need a prescription from their eye doctor whether the lenses are for vision correction or not. Lenses need to be properly fitted to the eye so as not to cause any vision loss or damage. It is also important to note that there are many non-reputable sites that sell cosmetic lenses. Flea markets and specialty stores also may sell these lenses but buyers beware. Special effects lenses may contain toxic paint that can irritate the eye. Use caution and good judgment when purchasing and only wear special effects lenses for a few hours at a time so as not to damage the eye. Two good online sites to buy special effects contact lenses are: www.fxeyes.com and www.wild-eyes.com.