Why Opaque Contact Lenses Are So Popular Today

Fashion and style is something that is always high on the priority lists of all young people. Once upon a time it was the clothes, and then followed the accessories; today it is colored lenses. The color lenses have catapulted to number one on the agenda of the younger generation because of two main reasons - (1) there is a lot of fun in using the color lenses whether it is for a formal occasion or party, and (2) they are very affordable.

An Introduction To Opaque Contact Lenses

There are many types of lenses such as soft lenses, hard lenses, theater lenses, scary lenses, transparent lenses and opaque lenses among many others. Each one of these lenses has their own plus and minus points. The role of these lenses, generally speaking is to enhance or change the color of your eyes when you wear them.

The opaque contact lenses made their entrance later than most of other lenses as a result of a malfunction of the transparent lenses. Normally, when you wanted to change or enhance your eye color you would have bought and used a special type of transparent contacts which were designed in such a way that once worn it would reflect the color you wanted in your eyes.

In this way, coloring light colored eyes was easy. However, when it came to dark color eyes to be changed to light colors, the results were not as good as the transparent contacts were not able to fight the effect of the dark color irises. As a result you never got the intended color. The color did change, but either it was very little or it gave a totally different (sometimes odd) shade.

The opaque contact lenses came into existence to redress this anomaly. In this case, the transparent contacts were replaced with the opaque contact lenses which now completely covered the dark iris to allow the correct color to show. The problem was solved and the popularity of opaque contact lenses soared.

Other Applications Of Opaque Contact Lenses

The story does not end here. The property of the opaque contacts to completely mask the color of the eye inspired designers to create many more types of fancy contacts, i.e. with spirals, zigzag, bright yellow color, cat's eyes, wolves eyes, blood shot eyes, totally red or black eyes, etc. The possibilities are endless here and these color lenses became a total craze among teenagers and young people in general.

These contact lenses were first used exclusively at Halloween parties as some of them really look scary. Nowadays, you will find them at theme parties and generally whenever the younger generation plan on having some fun.