Theatrical Contact Lenses Can Set The Scene

Makeup has been used in the theater for many years, and many talented artists can change a young person into an elderly one. These people can make someone look dead or at least very ill. Recently, a new dimension has been added to the skills and tools of brilliant makeup artists. Theatrical contact lenses have provided tools that can make an actor look like a real monster or a wild eyed drunk. These contact lenses are used by the makeup artists working in theaters and on movie sets, but these theatrical contact lenses are often used just for fun when people have some type of costume party.

Theatrical contact lenses are available on the internet and at specialty stores. Buyers do not need to be a regular user of contact lenses although people who use contact lenses on a regular basis will have skills for inserting these theatrical contact lenses from their previous experience. There are contact lenses that many people use to enhance the color of their eyes or to change the color completely. Before these contact lenses were available, the makeup artists would have to use different techniques if it were important for a character to have eyes different from their natural color.

Theatrical Contact Lenses Aid Performers

Theatrical contact lenses come in different types including those that cover the entire part of the eye that is visible. Some of the theatrical contact lenses are great for making an actor appear to be a drunk. These contact lenses make the eyes look bloodshot, and these are very convincing. If you met a person on the street wearing these theatrical contact lenses, you would believe that they were a drunk or that they had a very serious illness. Other theatrical contact lenses will make the eyes look as if the actor is affected by some other type of illness such as hepatitis.

Theatrical contact lenses can make an actor appear to be some kind of monster such as a vampire. There are lenses that can make an actor appear to be a troll. Some of these lenses can make the actor appear to be dead with open eyes. There are lenses available that will make the eyes appear to be totally white. Other lenses can make the eyes appear to have spots on them. There are some specialty lenses that can make put the shape of a soccer ball or other symbol into the eye. The theatrical contact lenses are usually made only for work on a special project, and these lenses are not available with a corrective prescription for those who need one.