The Best Among Fancy Contacts - The Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses

Have you ever seen one way glass where one side looks like mirror? This formula has been applied very successfully to glasses in the past, and now the technology has moved on to contacts. You might think that such lenses may not have many takers because they would look very distracting. However, it turns out that these lenses are among the most popular among the whole range of fancy contacts.

What Are The Use Of The Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses?

The mirror tinted contact lenses are first of all used for fun. Their use started with Halloween parties, music concerts and other such places where you need to look a little unusual to make your presence felt. The mirror tinted contact lenses have been created after long research and many trial and error methods. Fortunately the end product is not only perfectly safe but also very popular among party goers.

These lenses cannot be used for correcting vision and hence they fall into a category of lenses called plano disposable lenses.
Other Specialized Applications Of Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses

You will be surprised - albeit pleasantly - that mirror tinted contact lenses could be used similar to sun glasses as they cover the eyes just sufficiently to protect it from the direct sun rays. This means that you need to not wear sun glasses anymore - or that you could manage going out in the sun if you forgot to carry your glasses on any particular day. The best part is that these lenses come with a technology similar to photoscenic lenses, i.e. they can adjust their color according to the intensity of the light they are exposed to and loose the color (become lighter) in darker surroundings

This is not all. The mirror tinted contact lenses would also be able to recognize and enhance a particular color increasing the visibility of the wearer for that particular object. For example, let us say you are playing tennis where the ball is a peculiar green color. These lenses would catch that the central object of your attention is the greenish ball and enhance this color making it sharper and easier to locate.

The enhancement would be three dimensional - color, depth and speed - so you could see and react to it better than if you watched it with your naked eyes. This is a great boon for all sports players in games where they have to follow a ball or similar object.