Contact Lenses Stuck To Eye Can Cause Damage

More and more people are turning to contact lenses to help correct their vision in order to get through their day-to-day duties. While there are many benefits to wearing contacts over glasses, one thing is for sure, contact lenses can cause so much more pain then wearing a pair of glasses. Contact lenses stuck to eye can cause the most pain out of everything and if a person is not careful, they can cause themselves a lot of damage and eve more pain.

Contact lenses stuck to eye are just about as painful as having contact lenses rip apart in your eye. The pains are slightly different in how it feels but both are terribly painful and make the person suffering fear that something has gone very wrong with their eyes. But while it may feel like you have damaged your eye when you suffer from contact lenses stuck to eye, more in likely you have not unless you try and take them out the wrong way. That is when people are most likely to cause the damage to the eye.

How To Get Them Out

When you are suffering and panicking from having contact lenses stuck to eye, it is no wonder that so many people do not know what to do. The worst thing you can do and it seems that it is what most people end up doing is simply putting pressure on the eye and just ripping it right off. When contact lenses stuck to eye get treated in such a manner, this is when the damage can happen and as you are simply ripping off something that was stuck on the eye so tight, you are risking pulling off tiny pieces of layers from your eye.

The best way to go about taking care of the situation is by getting the eye moistened with contact lenses solution and slowly working that around in your eye. Slowly, with enough effort, the solution will begin to work itself between the eye and the contact thus making it easier to remove. As long as you remain calm and take the right steps, you will save yourself from more pain and from damage to the eye. Never just rip it straight off the eye while it is still stuck to it because even if you do not cause eye damage, you will receive even greater pain and your eyes will fill with tears.