Looking At The World Through Glow In The Dark Contacts

Most people would choose contact lenses over glasses for cosmetic reasons while other choose them because they do not want people to know they suffer from less than perfect vision. Then there are the ones that choose to wear things like glow in the dark contacts for special effects or for their theatrical appeal. However, wearing some of the more crazy types of contacts has gone off stage and some folks are wearing them in public as a way of being noticed.

Whether the individual is working on the stage or at a special holiday event, glow in the dark contacts can make them stand out among others in the same area. Obviously, they make a better impression when in the dark and these special glow in the dark contacts have been used for special effects in movies and television shows. Being made available to the general public has brought their use to folks who enjoy making a startling impression on the friends and neighbors.

When contacts with different colors and designs were first introduced there was some concern over their effects on a person's vision. However, like most theatrical costumes, glow in the dark contacts do not interfere with a person's ability to see clearly and in most cases, the design have no effect on their visual acuity.

Lens Prescription Required For Any Contact Lenses

Even if the person wanting to buy glow in the dark contacts has perfect vision, a valid prescription will be needed from a licensed optometrist. The size and shape of a person's eyes will determine if they can wear contact lenses and, especially when ordering glow in the dark contacts online, a prescription is mandatory. No company selling contact lenses online will dispense them without proper documentation,

When wearing glow in the dark contacts, during the day or under normal light they will appear white, similar to other color contact lenses, but in the dark they will glow and under ultraviolet light will stand out in a crowd. They have gone from the stage and screen into the mainstream for persons looking to make a startling impression on those around them.

Most distributors of glow in the dark contacts claim there will be a definite change in the eyes' color when wearing them during the day and the glow under ultraviolet light will make a significant impact. These theatrical glow in the dark contacts are designed to be changed at least once a month.