See in the Dark with Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses

There have been many innovations in the contact lens industry in the last 20 years. There are short-term and long-term use contact lenses. There are lenses for dry eyes, lenses for eyes with astigmatism, and lenses for eyes needing multifocal vision correction. Additionally, there are contact lenses for people who have no need for vision correction. There are contact lenses available for cosmetic reasons only. Colored, cosmetic and special effects contact lenses serve the purpose of making the eye appear a certain way. There may be a true need for this, such as in a person born with eyes of two different colors. This person may choose colored lenses to correct this condition. The need may be only to create look, or costume. Or this may be for special effect, such as glow in the dark contact lenses on a movie werewolf. Contact lenses are used in Hollywood films quite often. Many styles of these lenses are now available to the public- though a prescription and fitting from an eye doctor is often still necessary.

Some of the most popular "costume" contact lenses are glow in the dark contact lenses, cat's eye and snake eye contact lenses, and colored or multicolored contact lenses. Brands like "Wild Eyes," "Glowing FX," and "Crazy Lenses" offer costume contact lenses with or without a prescription. Even non-prescription, or "plano," lenses should be fitted by an eye doctor. Be advised that costume lenses can be toxic and irritating to the eyes so always go with a name brand and get a professional fitting.

See No Evil

The types of costume contact lenses are infinite. Dramatic revelers can even have lenses custom made to create their own unique look. Facts about some of the most popular types of costume lenses follow:

-"White out," or blind lenses, actually make you blind (you can't see through them) so wear in one eye at a time unless you truly want a vision "white out."

-Glow in the dark contact lenses are expensive and often sold out. Prices can run $100-$300 per pair. Most require a prescription and advise that they are for "theatrical purposes only."

-Black sclera lenses make the entire eye appear black. Black sclera-mirrored lenses allow your friends to see themselves in the rolling black void of your eye. Freak out!

Tips for wearing costume lenses include: get fitted by a doctor, wear for only a few hours at a time, only order from your eye doctor or a reputable online site, do not share with friends as this can cause eye infection, and clean lenses per the instructions. Lastly, costume lenses like glow in the dark contact lenses can frighten unsuspecting motorists, party-goers, and passersby. Oh, and glow in the dark contact lenses will not actually allow you to see in the dark, so use with caution.